The Origins

A History stepped in legend

The first Abbey was built at the end of the 6th century around the primitive church of San Silvestro by the noble Lombard Lady Rotruda. An old legend says that Saint Severo died and his remains were brought to Orvieto. Lady Rotruda, wanting to seize them, touched the coffin, however her hand was trapped. To have it released she was compelled to promise the founding of the abbey and a deserving burial to the monk Saint Severo. This is the legendary origin of the Abbey of Saints Severo and his disciple Martirio. The current Abbey was built in the 12th century on the site of the 6th century building.

The Pope's footsteps echo throught the halls

After the long period of administration by the Premonstratensian Canons, a number of commendatory abbots succeeded each other at the abbey of Orvieto, first among them Cardinal Pietro Barbo.

Other notable men who walked along these corridors were men like Cardinal Nicolaus von Kues, known as Cusano, Simoncelli, Scipio Borghese, Aldobrandini, Barberini and Altieri.


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